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Designer + Manager


Cat's comfort zone is balancing multiple projects within a design team.

in the New York apparel world with clients such as Target and Walmart, she built her talent for designing original graphics for Disney and Coca-Cola. Recruited to San Francisco, and working with one of the largest e-commerce sites, her skills expanded into curating images through digital asset management. With her last two years at a boutique UX firm in the heart of SF, her production and management skills contributed to product design, with clients including Wells Fargo and Lending Club.

Cat's freelance work has also thrived in both Branding and Visual Design. She has helped companies with  re-branding, new websites, and successful marketing. Clients include September Capital Investments, the Bay Area's beloved Dynamo Donuts, and LA's hottest Pilatesology.  She also volunteers her time as creative director of San Francisco's non-profit women's business networking group: Women,Wine, & Wisdom.  

Residing in Nashville, Cat combines her design experience and Southern roots to creative solutions.


Experienced in apparel and publication design, data asset management, and UI/UX design, I have a talent for designing original graphics and voicing answers between departments.


"I was impressed with Cat's ability to capture my vision. She designed the full package - logo, website, tees, and cards. My clients love wearing my Tigertrain tee! "
- CP at Tigertrain Athletics